Why TRS® Tissue Retention System Products?

The TRS® products allows a single individual to quickly and easily manage large BMI patients. The use of surgical tape on this patient population is frequently associated with skin tears, epidermal stripping, and blistering.

Stetrix Tissue Retention Systems Products are designed to help avoid skin integrity issues. The products save time, resources, and are residue-free upon removal.

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Novel adjustable positioning benefits:

  • Applies in seconds

  • Easy to adjust

  • Superior hold strength

  • Help preserve skin integrity

  • Sterile

  • Saves time

Stetrix Tissue Retention System Products are are fast and simple to use. They are easy to adjust and accommodatepatient repositioning… even during the procedure. While helping avoid skin integrity issues, TRS® products save time,resources, and are residue-free upon removal.