Labor Guard™ Device

Hem Avert Device

Each birth is unique and there are circumstances when cesarean delivery is the right choice for both Mom and baby. Much attention however, has now been given to the benefits of vaginal childbirth as well as to the complications associated with cesarean delivery. Faster recovery times and reduced costs have led numerous organizations to support vaginal birth in the absence of a compelling reason to do otherwise.

The Labor Guard™ Perianal Stabilizer is a sterile, disposable, and non-invasive medical device that helps provide continuous pressure to perianal tissue as a means of support during the second stage of labor. The product is intended to help Moms by reducing non-scheduled c-sections and preventing delivery-induced hemorrhoids during vaginal childbirth.

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and childbirth and affect up to 50% of all pregnant women.1 Sadly, women who acquire delivery-induced hemorrhoids may remain symptomatic up to 17-24 weeks postpartum.2