TRS® Tissue Retention System

The TRS® Tissue Retention System is a novel tissue management system that enables fast and efficient tissue retraction and patient positioning. The product is far superior to surgical tapes and adhesive films and is designed with both the patient and caregiver in mind.

The TRS® system allows a single individual to quickly and easily manage large BMI patients. The use of surgical tape on this patient population is frequently associated with skin tears, epidermal stripping, and blistering.

The device utilizes a novel load disbursement system that is specifically designed to help preserve skin integrity. The product utilizes a latex-free, hypoallergenic contact surface that is residue-free upon removal. The system is the only commercially available, single-user product for large BMI patients that allows tissue repositioning in seconds without disruption of the sterile field. Due to its reliability and ease of use, applications for the device have grown beyond obstetrics (pannus retraction and retention) into femoral catheterization, spinal and orthopedic markets. Authorized products are also available through TZ Medical.


Watch our video demonstrations below: