About The Hem-Avert® Device

Research-backed Innovation

The Hem-Avert® Perianal Stabilizer is the first and only device to receive FDA clearance to help reduce the likelihood of Cesarean delivery and help prevent the occurrence of external hemorrhoids during vaginal childbirth. The novel device provides external support to the perianal region during vaginal childbirth. Extensive clinical research has yielded a simple, safe and effective approach to addressing two of the most important childbirth concerns for expectant Moms.

Clinically demonstrated to reduce the likelihood of Cesarean delivery

Among the 500 patients in one independent observational study, women who received the Hem-Avert® Perianal Stabilizer had 86.7% fewer non-scheduled cesarean births compared to patients who completed childbirth without the device. In a separate prospective, randomized, clinical trial, the c-section rate of Hem-Avert® Stabilizer patients was 12.0% compared to 39.6% for control patients. Cesarean results for both clinical studies were statistically significant.

Clinically demonstrated to help prevent hemorrhoids during vaginal childbirth

In the clinical study, none of the patients in the Hem-Avert® Perianal Stabilizer group showed a presence of hemorrhoids at the time of hospital discharge, compared to 25% of patients in the control group. The Hem-Avert® device was shown to be 99.8% effective at preventing external hemorrhoids during vaginal childbirth.

Quick Facts about the Hem-Avert® device

  • -The device is completely external and non-invasive
  • -The Hem-Avert® product is sterile and single-use
  • -The product is designed to not interfere with delivery
  • -The device is used during the transition phase of labor (8-10 cm of cervical dilation)

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